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YQ-150 Hydraulic Rail Jack

A. Range of application YQ-150 hydraulic rail lifting machine is applicable to all types of rail for the track lifting operation. It has the advantages of novel structure, convenient operation, safe and reliable, no invasion, high work efficiency, and light weight etc. It has two functions: when the rail in low position, it can be placed on the supporting plate of lifting lever, it can bear 150KN. When the rail is in high position, it can be placed on the top of hydraulic cylinder, it can bear 199KN. When the operation, these two function work together. B. Main technical parameter 1、Rated on the force: 150kN 2、Max lifting distance: 120mm 3、Hydraulic working pressure: 60MPa 4、Max force for the pressure handle: (L=1150mm)432N 5、Weight: 25kg 6、Size: 400×180×465mm

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