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YD-22 Hydraulic Rail Tamping Machine

YD-22 Hydraulic Rail Tamping Machine

YD-22 Hydraulic tamping machine is a new generation product developed by our factory, which is based on the experience of domestic and foreign customers in the use of tamping machines and adopts new materials and technologies. The basic structure and principle still retain the advantages of old tamping machine, that is, double guide column frame and single cylinder lifting mode. At the same time, by increasing the depth of the tamping pick and adding the stroke limit device of guide pillar etc. to make the machine not only work on type Ⅱ and type Ⅲ concrete sleeper lines in China, but also can work on various concrete sleepers and steel sleeper lines abroad. The machine is manufactured with a standard gauge of 1435mm and a single side off-track frame, and its main technical performance is better than the old type. The machine is suitable for tamping operation on various rail and concrete sleeper track after the overhaul and medium ballast cleaning operation, and also suitable for tamping operation on the ballast bed of new track. This machine has the features of high quality performance, reasonable structure, reliable and high working efficiency, which will satisfy the requirement of ballast tamping operation.

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