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Anchor Replacing Device Model: GMSB-I

Anchor Replacing Device Model: GMSB-I

The anchor replacing device is used for removing and replacing the broken nylon sleeves in the track bed. It is the first new equipment developed and launched in China. It adopts the “cold taking out” method, cutting nylon sleeve into grooves by means of cutter principle, unscrewing with a special wrench, and then taking out the broken nylon sleeve. The anchor replacing device has the advantages of advanced technical performance, reasonable structure and simple operation etc. It can greatly reduce the labor intensity, simplify unnecessary intermediate links, and improve the efficiency of operation. It plays an important role in improving the quality of track line and ensuring the safety of the train. The product has been patented, the patent No. is ZL 2011 2 0419453.X, and copying is not permitted.

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