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Rail Car Series

  • Track Replacement Vehicle

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    Track Replacement Vehicle

    Track replacement vechile is widely used for replacing 43kg/m, 50kg/m, 60kg/m and 75kg/m rails. The overall structure is divided into three parts.By cooperation with each part can achieve the track replacement successfully.Read More

  • GYC-II Road Rail Vehicle

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    GYC-II Road Rail Vehicle

    It adopts diesel engine and auto-chassis. It features high load capacity and running stability. It possesses self-unloading function on both of right and left side. It can run on both road and rail. It features driving comfort, High cost performance, technique mature, low...Read More

  • PC-20 PC-50 Railcar

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    PC-20 PC-50 Railcar

    Jinzhou Tiegong Railway Miantenance Machinery Co., Ltd can supply all kinds of rail car.Read More

  • XBY II Material Porter

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    XBY II Material Porter

    XBY II material porter is applicable to transport the material around the rail, such as rail, concrete sleeper and other online material supplies. The device can be used by pulling to transport materials without any power source. The walking wheel adopts nylon material,...Read More

  • DPC-4 Battery Track Car

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    DPC-4 Battery Track Car

    DPC-4 battery track car has front and back lighting, traffic lights, electric horns, oil brakes, parking brake, aluminum alloy hub, leather seat, speed cruise, video recorder and GPS positioning system.Read More

  • HGC Designed Top Quality Rail Exchanging Cars

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    HGC Designed Top Quality Rail Exchanging Cars

    Technical Parameters Change rail type: 50/60/75 A car (for new rails) Two cars (for old rails) Three cars (commonly known as rail car, for the old track to sleep outside the sleepers) (The new and old rails are separated and not jammed) Machine quality: a total of 5.5T The...Read More

  • ZYSZ-5 Professional Design Automatic Hydraulic Rail Ballast Cleaning Machine

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    ZYSZ-5 Professional Design Automatic Hydraulic Rail Ballast Cleaning Machine

    This rail ballast cleaner is suitable for cleaning the residual and redundant ballast between sleeper after railway tamping locomotive work . To solve the technical problem of relying on manual cleaning ballast operationsRead More

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